Stag weapon are known for the company’s consumer relationships and return/exchange insurance

Customer Service

Stag weapon are notable for their particular customers relationships and return/exchange insurance. Empty products might end up being came home within fifteen times of his or her appearance. And also, her client service office goes in standby to react to go back requests.

As you owner on Reddit got quick to point out, a€?Staga€™s gun is a bit high [in expenses] than core15 however they render really top service and guarantee. They even merit the cask with an a€?infinitea€™ try guarantee which we realize is definitely extremely hard so that they can be extremely much mentioning in the event that you shoot out the rifling we will supply an innovative new cask.

a€?While stag hands possessna€™t come generating total weapons provided additional big organizations they have been providing manufacturer pieces to a lot big organizations reported that include Colt, FN, and S&W and plenty much!a€?

Without a doubt, not every person has got the the exact same knowledge about a maker and Stag Arms isn’t difference. Somewhere else on Reddit, a user experienced this concerning his or her skills getting from Stag: a€?we positioned your order with Stag Arms over 2 months before, the order continues to listed (on staga€™s internet site) as, a€?awaiting fulfillment.a€™

a€?i understand Stag has already established some internal problems and Ia€™m beginning to question if this type of company is going to shut down and keep my own moneya€¦I often tried the company’s, a€?contact usa€™ site online and grabbed zero reply, named careers and got advised these people were undertaking finishing my own purchase (fourteen days ago).a€?

A person responding to this document escort Beaumont echoed the sentiment, declaring, a€?I was a Model 2 operator monthly agoa€¦we spoken to support service because I presume my favorite forward sight is a bit bent to check out when they can replace it however needna€™t e-mailed me back.a€?

But is really worth saying these consumer feedback are placed to Reddit 11 times earlier whenever the providers was a student in a state of move. And since usual, replies had been broken down with one customer replying, a€?we ordered a barrela€¦3 weeks hence and that I got it within every week although the websites said it was likely to capture a month.a€?

In terms of concessions are concerned, Stag questions associates to anticipate a 2-3 day handling duration before incentives include given.


Possibly as a result for some of market complaints towards very long slowdown experience on requests, Stag is now marketing his or her Quick send webpage in a slideshow on their own webpage.

Remember that, however, that not their equipment can be located regarding Speedy boat webpage. But homeowners who are actually transport within two business days. Owners are encouraged to punch into the promotional code SWIFTLY AND absolve to automatically acquire free delivery at browse.

Quick vessel gear add in their own building firms pieces plus the Stag 10 Upper/Lower Combo.

Stag Life Specials

Stag life periodically supplies their customers lower prices. Since August are nationwide capturing sporting thirty days, simply now supplying users a 20percent off lower price on all non-sale equipment. They also manage American Summer Giveaways that are worthy of about $2,200.

Stag life online codes are also offered through several places. Hotdeals offers a 60percent off Stag life discount signal for August 2017. Normally, the greater the regular vary is ten percent or 20% as with the outcome of Offersa€™s 20 percent off rule for AR-15 greater halves.

Stag Body Esteem

Stag weapon get generated a durable road agent with a lot of people going for a four-star rate and multiple forum content raving about their terrific services excellent customer care.

One website associate placed a line asking other members once and for all excellent not to purchase an AR-15 from Stag hands and also the replies comprise almost unanimous for the maker.

    Although some recommended that there comprise a€?bettera€? choices, nearly every poster was an advocate of Stag with one representative publishing, a€?Very pleased with my personal stag life rifle. I managed to get they utilized and already licensed it for your life guarantee and that’s now transferable to 2nd people also.a€?